Staff Selection Commission : Article

  • 2016-08-08

Directions(1-5):Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
        P,Q,R,S,T,V and W are sitting around acircle facing at the centre. V is second to the left of P and second to theright of W.T is third to the right of W. T is third to the right of Q and isnot an immediate neighbor of V.S is third to the right of R.
1.Whois to the immediate left of S?
1)V          2)T          3)Q
4)W         5)None of these
2.Whois third to the left of V?
1)T          2)S           3)W
4)R          5)None of these
3.Inwhich of the following groups the first person is sitting between the secondand the third persons?
1)RPQ    2)TWS    3)QPR
4)QVS     5)None of these
4.Whois second to the right of Q?
1)R          2)W         3)T
4)S           5)None of these
5.Whois to the immediate right of R?
1)W         2)T          3)P
5)Noneof these
6.Howmany such digits are there in the number 6837941 each of which is as far awayfrom the beginning in the number as when the digits are arranged in descendingorder within the number?
1)None    2)One      3)Two
5)Morethan three

1-4           2-1           3-5           4-1         5-2            6-3