Institute of Banking Personnel Selection : Article

  • 2016-07-27

1.A sum of money is to be divided among four persons in the ratio of 2:3:4:5. Out of the four, one person gets Rs.200 more than the other and Rs.100 less than another.What is the sum?

1)Rs.2800       2)Rs.1400


4) Cannot be determined

5)None of these

2.In a college the number of students studying Arts, Commerce and science are in the ratio of 3:5:8 respectively. If the number of students studying Arts, Commerce and Science is increased by 20%,40% and 25% respectively,What will be the new ratio of students in Arts, Commerce and science respectively?

1)18:35:50      2)3:10:10

3)4:8:5            4)32:35:25

5)None of these

3.The ratio between the angles of a quadrilateral is 7:2:5:6 respectively.What is the sum of double the smallest angle and half the largest angle of the quadrilateral?

1)162°     2) 198°    3) 99°     

4) 135°    5)None of these

4.When 30% of one number is subtracted from another number,the second number reduces to its own four-fifth.What is the ratio between the first and the second numbers respectively?

1)4:7       2)3:2       3)2:5

4)Cannot be determined

5)None of these

5.Mr.Pandit owned 950 old coins all of which he distributed amongst his three daughters Lalita,Amita and Neeta. Lalita gave  25 gold coins to her husband, Amita donated 15 gold coins and Neeta made jewellery out of 30 gold coins.The new respective ratio of the coins left with them was 20:73:83.How many gold coins did Amitra receive from Mr.Pandit?

1)380       2)415       3)400

4)350       5)None of these

6.Radha’s present age is three years less than twice her age 12 years ago.Also the respective ratio between Raj’s present age and Radha’s present age 4:9.What will be raj’s age after 5 years?

1)12years        2)7 years

3)21 years      

4)cannot be determined

5)None of these

7.When X is subtracted from the numbers 9,15 and 27, the remainders are in continued proportion.What is the value of X?

1)8           2)6           3)4          

4)5   5)None of these

8.If 50%  of a certain number is equal to 3/4th of another number,What is the ratio between the numbers?

1)3:2       2)2:5       3)5:2

4)3:4       5)4:3

9.In a college,the ratio of boys to girls is 31:23 respectively.When 75 more girls join the college,this ratio becomes 124:107. How many more girls should join the college to make the number of boys and girls equal?

1)75         2)90         3)60

4)85         5)None of these

10.The number of employees shed through voluntary retirement in company A was 23,000 and that in company B was 6325.what is the ratio of employees retired voluntary from company A to that retired from company B?

1)40:11           2)10:11  

3)11:10           4)11:40


1-2           2-1           3-4           4-5

5-1           6-5           7-5           8-1

9-4           10-1