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Important Q & A For Time and Work
  • 2016-07-25
Important Q & A For Time and Work


1.A and B can do a work in 12 days, B and C in 15 days and C and A in 20 days.If A,B and C work together, they will complete the work in :

1)5 days          2)47/6days

3)10 days        4)47/3days

2. A can do a work in 6 days and B in 9 days. How many days will both take together to complete the wrk?

1)7.5                2)5.4               

3)3.6                4)3

3.A and B can do a work in 12 days, B and C in 8 days and C and A in 6 days. In how many das B alone can do this work?

1)24 days        2)32 days

3)40 days        4)48 days

4.A and B can do work in 18 and 24 days respectively. They worked together for 8 days and then A left. The remaining work was finished by B in:

1)5days           2)16/3 days

3)8 days          4)10days

5. 8 men can do a work in 12 days. After 6 days of work, 4 more men were engaged to finish the work. In how many days would the remaining work be completed?

1)2           2)3           3)4           4)5

6.30 men can repair a road in 18 days.They are joined by 6 more workers. Now the road can be repaired in

1)14 days                2)15days

3)16days                 4)17days

7. If 3 men or 6women can do a piece of work in 16days, in how many days can 12 men and 8 women do the same piece of work?

1)4 days          2)5 days

3)3 days          4)2 days

8.A alone can do a piece of work in 20 days and B alone in 30days. They begin to work together. They will finish half of the work in:

1)8days           2)9days

3)12days         4)6days

9.A is 50% as efficient as B, C does half of the work done by A and B together. If C alone does the work in 20days, then A,B and C together can do the work in

1)17/3 days         2)20/3 days

3)6days           4)7days

10. A can do a work in 21days. B is 40% more efficient than A. The number of days required for B to finish the same work alone is

 1)10        2)12         3)15         4)18



1-3           2-3           3-4           4-2

5-3           6-2           7-3           8-4

9-2           10-3