Institute of Banking Personnel Selection : Article

  • 2016-07-21

1.A Candidate appearing for an examination has to secure 35% marks to Pass. But he secured only 40marks and failed by 30 marks. What would be the maximum marks of test?

1)280           2)180           3)200

4)150           5)210

2.Income of A is 150% of the income of B and income of C is 120% of the income of A. If the total income of A,B and C together is Rs.86000 what is C’s income?

1)Rs.30,000                   2)Rs.32,000

3)Rs.20,000                   4)Rs.36,000

5)None of these

3. Mr.X spends 20% of his monthly income on household expenditure.Out of the remaining 25% he spends on children’s education, 15% on transport, 15% on medicine and 10% on entertainment. He is left with Rs.9800 after incurring all these expenditures. What is his monthly in come?

1)Rs35,000           2)Rs.28,000

3)Rs65,000           4)Rs.48,400

5)None of these

4. Akash scored 73 marks in subject A.He secored 56% marks in subject B and x marks in subject C.Maximum marks in each subject were 150.The overall percentage marks obtained by Akash in all the three subjects together were 54%.How many marks did he score in subject C?

1)84            2)86            3)79 

4)73            5)None of these

5.Pradeep invested 20% more than mohit.Mohit invested 10% less than Raghu.If the total sum of their investment is Rs.17,880, how much amount did Raghu invest?

1)Rs.6,000            2)Rs.8,000

3)Rs.7,000            4)Rs.5,000

5)None of these

6.The salary of an employee increases consistently by 50% every year. If his salary today is Rs.10,000, what will be the salary after another 4 years?

1)Rs.62,500                   2)Rs.26,500

3)Rs.50,625                   4)Rs.33,750

5)None of these

7.In a class of 240 students, each students got sweets that are 15% of the total number of students. How many sweets were there?

1)3000        2)3125        3)8640       

4)cannot be determined

5)None of these

8.Fresh grapes contain 80% water while dry grapes contain 10% water. If the weight of dry grapes is 250kg, what was its total weight when it was fresh?

1)1000kg             2)1100kg

3)1125kg             4)1225kg

5)None of these

9.If tax on a commodity is reduced by 10%,total revenue remains unchanged. What is the percentage increase in its consumption?

1)11 %          2)20%

3)10%             4)9 %

5)None of these

10.Mr.Shamin’s salary increases every year by 10% in June. If there is no other increase or reduction in the salary and his salary in June 2011 was Rs.22,385, what was his salary in June 2009?

1)Rs.11,400         2)Rs.96,600

3)Rs.8,050  4)Rs.9,500

5)None of these




1-3              2-4              3-1              4-2 5-1                  6-3              7-3              8-4 9-2                  10-4