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SSC- Pipe and Cistern
  • 2016-07-09
SSC- Pipe and Cistern

Pipe and cistern

1.A tap can fill a cistern in 8hours and another tap can empty it in 16 hours. If both the taps are open, the time(in hours) taken to fill the tank will be :

1)8     2)10    3)16    4)24

2.Three taps A,B and C together can fill an empty cistern in 10 minutes. The tap A alone can fill it in 30 minutes and the tap B alone in 40 minutes. How long will the tap C alone take to fill it?

1)16 mins      2)24 mins     

3)32 mins      4)40 mins

3.Three taps A,B,C can fill an overhead tank in 4,6and 12 hours respectively. How long would the three taps take to fill the tank if all of them are opened together?

1)2 hrs          2)4hrs

3)3hrs 4)5hrs

4.A tap takes 36 hours extra to fill a tank due to a leakage equivalent to half of its inflow. The inflow can fill the tank in how many hours?

1)36    2)24    3)30    4)18

5.Three pipes A,B and C can fill a tank in 6 hours, 9hours and 12 hours respectively. B and C are opened for half an hour, then a also opened. The time taken by the three pipes together to fill the remaining part of the tank is

1)3 hours      2)2 hours     

3)2 ½ hours   4)3 ½ hours

6.Three pipes a,B and C can fill a cistern in 6 hours. After working at it together for 2 hours, C is hours more. The time taken by C alone to fill the cistern is

1)14 hours              2)15hours

3)16 hours              4)17 hours

7. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 6 hours and 4 hours respectively. If they are opened on alternate hours and if pipe A is opend first, then the tank shall be full in

1) 5 hrs         2)5 ½ hours

3)6 hrs          4)4  ½ hrs

8.Two pipes, P and Q can fill a cistern in 12 and 15 minutes respectively.Both are opened together,but at the end of 3 minutes, P is turned off.In how many more minutes will Q fill the cistern?

1)7               2)7 ½ 3)8       4)8 ¼

9.A tap can fill a cistern in 40minutes and a second tap can empty the filled cistern in 60minutes. By mistaken without closing the second tap, the first tap was opend. In how many minutes will the empty cistern be filled?

1)72        2)84           3)108             4)120

10.A cistern is normally filled in 8 hours but takes another 2 hours longer to fill because of aleak in its bottom.If the cistern is full, the leak will empty it in:

1)16hrs         2)20hrs        

3)25hrs         4)40hrs


1. 3

2. 2

3. 1

4. 4

5. 3

6. 4

7. 1

8. 4

9. 4

10. 4

11. 4

12. 3

13. 4

14. 1

15. 3