Institute of Banking Personnel Selection : Article

  • 2016-12-25

 Directions (Q. 6 -10): In each question below, there are given two statements followed by four conclusions numbered I, II, III and IV. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance with commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follow(s) from the given statements

1. Statements: I. All trees are birds

 II. Some birds are kites

Conclusions: I. Some birds are trees

 II. Some kites are birds

III. All birds are trees

 IV. No kites are trees

 (a).Only III follow            (b).Only I and III follow

(c).Only III and IV follow (d).Only II and III follow

(e). Only I & II follows

 2. Statements: I. All men are cruel

II. All intelligent are men

Conclusions: I. All intelligent are cruel

 II. All men are intelligent

III. All cruel are men

IV. Some intelligent are not men

 (a).Only II and III follow    (b).Only II and IV follow

(c).Only I follow                 (d).Only I and IV follow

(e).None of these

3. Statements: I. Some red are black

II. All black are white

Conclusions: I. Some white are red

II. Some black are red

III. All white are black

 IV. Some white are black

(a).Only I and II follow   (b).Only IV follows

(c).Only I, II, III follow    (d).Only I,II and IV follow

(e).None of these

4. Statements:

 I. Some plants are velvet

II. Some velvet are posh

Conclusions: I. All plants are velvet

 II. Some plants are posh

III. Some posh are velvet

 IV. No plant is velvet

(a).Only either II, IV and III follow   (b).Only II and III follow

(c).Only either I, III, IV follow             (d).Only I or II follow

(e).None of these

5. Statements: I. All trains are buses

II. No bus is a taxi

Conclusions: I. All buses are trains

II. Some taxis are trains

III. No trains is a taxi

IV. Some trains are taxis

(a).Only III and IV follow  (b).Only I and II follow

(c).Only III follow                  (d).Only II follow  

(e).None of these


1-E   2-C    3-D        4-E        5-C