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Data Interpretation FOR IBPS PO Mains
  • 2016-10-24
Data Interpretation FOR IBPS PO Mains

Question(1-5) :-

                Two different finance companies declare fixed annual rate of interest on the amounts investewith them by investors. The rate of interest offered by these companies may differ from yearto year depending on the variation in the economy of the country and the banks rate ofinterest. The annual rate of interest offered by the two Companies P and Q over the years isshown by the line graph provided below.

Annual Rate of Interest Offered by Two Finance Companies Over the Years.



1.A sum of Rs. 4.75 lakhs was invested in Company Q in 1999 for one year. How much more interest would have been earned if the sum was invested in Company P?

A.Rs 19,000 

B.Rs.14, 250

C.Rs.11, 750 

D.Rs. 9,500

E.None of these


2.If two different amounts in the ratio 8:9 are invested in Companies P and Q respectively in 2002, then the amounts received after one year as interests from Companies P and Q are respectively in the ratio?


B. 3:4



E.None of these


3.In 2000, a part of Rs. 30 lakhs was invested in Company P and the rest was invested in Company Q for one year. The total interest received was Rs. 2.43 lakhs. What was the amount invested in Company P?

A. Rs.9 lakh

B. Rs.11 lakh

C.Rs. 12 lakh 

D.Rs.18 lakh

E.None of these


4.An investor invested a sum of Rs. 12 lakhs in Company P in 1998. The total amount received after one year was re-invested in the same Company for one more year. The totalappreciation received by the investor on his investment was?

A. Rs. 2, 96,200 

B. Rs. 2, 42,200

C. Rs. 2, 25,600 

D. Rs. 2, 16,000

E. None of these


5.An investor invested Rs. 5 lakhs in Company Q in 1996. After one year, the entire amount along with the interest was transferred as investment to Company P in 1997 for one year. What amount will be received from Company P, by the investor?

A. Rs. 5, 94,550

B. Rs. 5, 80,425

C. Rs. 5, 77,800 

D. Rs. 5, 77,500

E. None of these


1-d       2-d       3-d       4-c       5-b