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Puzzle Practice FOR IBPS PO
  • 2016-10-20
Puzzle Practice  FOR IBPS PO

Directions (Q.1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below

                    In a school there are eight students Smith, Cruise, Chris, Botha, John, Watson, Vivian and Nathan. They study in standard VI, VII and VIII but not more than three in any standard. Each of them has a different hobby viz— playing, dancing, singing, swimming, walking, acting, reading novel and cooking but not necessarily in the same order

John’s hobby is acting and he studies in standard VIII with only Smith. Vivian does not study in standard VII. Botha and Nathan study in the same standard but not with Vivian. Watson and Chris study in the same standard. Those who study in standard VI do not have walking or reading novel as their hobbies. Chris’s hobby is playing. The one who studies in standard VIII has the hobby of singing. Watson’s hobby is not dancing. Nathan’s hobby is swimming and Cruise’s hobby is not reading novel

1. What is the hobby of Smith?

a) Singing 

b) Swimming

c) Acting 

d) Data inadequate 

e) None of the above

2. What is Cruise’s hobby?

a) Reading novel 

b) Playing 

c) Swimming 

d) Data inadequate

 e) Walking

3. What is the hobby of ‘Watson’?

a) Cooking 

b) Reading novel 

c) Singing 

d) Dancing 

e) Data inadequate

4. Which of the following combinations of student’s standard and his hobby is correct?

a) Watson–VII–cooking 

b) John–VI–acting 

c) Cruise–VII–playing 

d) Vivian–VIII-walking 

e) None of the above

5. Which of the following group of students study in VII standard?

a) Botha, Nathan, Chris

b) Botha, Cruise, Watson

c) Botha, Nathan, Cruise

d) Data inadequate 

e) None of the above


1-a       2-e       3-a       4-e       5-c