Institute of Banking Personnel Selection : Article

  • 2016-09-27

Directions: In each  of the  questions below  are given four  statements  (a) , (b) , (c)  and  (d)  followed by two  conclusions   numbered  I  and  II  .You  have  to take the  given  statements to be  true even if they  seem  to be at  variance  with  commonly  known  facts. Read  all the  conclusions and then  decide  which  of the  given  conclusions  logically  follows  from the given statements disregarding  commonly  known  facts, give answer.

1.Statements : a. All  flowers  are  buses.

                      b. Some  buses  are  cats.

                       c. All  cats  are tigers.

Conclusions: I. Some  tigers are  buses.

                   II. Some tigers are flowers.

                   III. Some  cats are  flowers.

                   IV. Some buses are tigers.

1)None follows      2) Only   I  and  II  follow

3)Only  III and  IV  follow    4) Only  I  and  IV  follow

5)Only  II  and  III follow.

2. Statements: a. All fans are  rooms.

                       b. No  room is green .

                       c. Some  windows  are green.

Conclusions : I. Some  windows  are fans.

                   II. Some  windows   are rooms.

                  III. Some fans  are  green.

                  IV. No  green  is fan.

1        1)Only  I  follows       2) Only   III  follows

3)Only   IV  follows     4)Only  II  and  IV  follow

5)All  follow.

3.Statements: a. Some  tablets  are rains .

                      b. All dogs are rains.

                      c. All  rains  are chairs.

Conclusions : I. Some chairs are  tablets.

                   II. All  dogs are chairs.

                  III. Some tablets are dogs.

                 IV. Some tablets  are chairs.

1        1)All  follow                         2)Only   I , II and  III follow

3)Only  II, III and  IV  follow   4) Only  III  and  IV follow

5) None  of these.

4. Statements : a. No  man is  sky.

                        b. No sky is road.

                        c. Some men are roads.

Conclusions: I. No  road is man .

               II. No road  is sky.

              III. Some skies  are men.

              IV. All  roads are men.

1        1) None follows       2) Only  I  follows  

3)Only  I  and II  follow     4) Only  II  and  III follow

5)None  of these.

5. Statements: a. Some  candles  are houses.

                     b. Some  houses  are trains.

                      c. Some trains  are roads.

Conclusions: I. Some  roads are candles.

                  II. Some  trains are candles.

                III.Some roads are  houses.

              IV. Some candles are roads.

1        1)None  follows                  2)All  follow

3)Only  I  and  II  follow      4) Only  II  and   III follow

5)Only  III   and  IV  follow


1. 4       2. 3           3.5        4.5            5. 1