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English -- Important Question & Answer For TNPSC GROUP -4
  • 2016-10-20
English -- Important Question & Answer For TNPSC GROUP -4

 1.The period of William Wordsworth is

a)1770-1850                  b)1807-1882

c)1836-1907                  d)1840-1928

2.Identify the poem in which this line occurs,                 

“I often contemplate my Childhood Mom”

a)The Flying Wounder

b)A Sonnet for my Incomparable Mother

c)In Search of a Friend

d)Laugh and be Merry

3.Identify the correct degree.                                          

No other metal is as useful as iron.

a)Comparative              b)Positive

c)Superlative                d)None of these

4.Abandoned Bhutia villages dot our path and I increasingly get the feeling that we are traversing a long- forgotten route.

On the fourth day we cross the ghost villages of Burfu and Bilju before we reach Milam.

‘Ghost  Villages’ are

a)villages full of ghosts

b)villages ruled by ghosts

v)villages without people

d)villaged often visited by ghosts

5.Identify the part containing an error.

One of the boys a) / look b) / happy c)/ in my class  d)                                                                                                                            

a)One of the boys                     b)look

c)happy                                    d)in my class

6.To Which nationality does the poet V.K.Gokak belong?

a)China                                    b)India            

c)Australia                                d)England

7.Match the following

Column A                    Column B

a)Electro+execute                     1)Heliport

b)Helicopter + airport                2)Smog

c)Smoke+fag                            3)Telex

d)Teleprinter+exchange             4)Electrocute


            a          b          c          d

a)         2          4          3          1

b)         4          1          2          3

c)         3          2          1          4

d)         1          3          4          2

8.The following lines are taken from the poem

‘The music in my heart I bore                                     

  Long after it was heard no more’

a)’A Psalm of Life’       b)’Sonnet No. 116’

c)’Be The Best’            d)’The Solitary Reaper’

9.Choose the correct verb

Tendulkar ______(bat) science the match started this morning.

a)batted                                    b)is batting

c)has been batting                     d)has batted

10.The Selfish Giant stayed with his friend for

a)10 years         b)5 years          

c)3 years           d)7 years