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English -- Important Question & Answer For TNPSC GROUP -4
  • 2016-10-17
English -- Important Question & Answer For TNPSC GROUP -4

1.Which of the following lines belong to H.W.Longfellow’s “A Psalm of life”?

a)And you O my soul where you stand

b)All human roads are dark and dry

c)Your minstrel has no wreath to weave for you

d)Art is long and time is fleeting

2.”The Story of My Experiments with Truth” is an autobiographical work written by

a)Jawaharlal Nehru    b)Mahatma Gandhi

c)Abraham Lincoln    d)Subash Chandra Bose

3.In Oscar Wilde’s “The Model Millionaire” Hughie is humane and handsome but

a)ineffable                  b)a man of no means

c)heartless                  d)a paranoid

4.What is a refrain?

a)The first line of a poem that is repeated in all stanzas

b)The repetition of a line or lines within a poem,at given intervals

c)The first line and the last line are one and the same in the last stanza

d)The last two lines of the first stanza and the last two lines of the last stanza are one and the same.

5.Identify the pair of British English and American English expressions with incorrect spelling:

British                         American

a)         plough             -           plow

b)         cheque             -           check

c)         theatre             -           theater

d)         skilful             -           skillfull

6.Match Column A with Column B.Select the correct codes given below.

            Column A                   Column B

a)The Ant and the Grasshopper         1)Oscar Wilde

b)The Cop and the Anthem    2)Somerset Maugham

c)The Happy Prince                3)Bonnie Chamberlain

d)The Face of Judas Iscariot  4)O’Henry


            a          b          c          d

a)         2          4          1          3

b)         1          2          3          4

c)         1          3          4          2

d)         1          4          2          3

7.Match the following

            Author                         Title

a)Norman Nicholson  1)The road to success

b)Dale Carnegie         2)O Captain!My Captain!

c)Walt Whitman         3)The Solitary Reaper

d)William Wordsworth          4)Off to outer space tomorrow       morning

a          b          c          d

a)         4          1          3          2

b)         4          1          2          3

c)         1          4          2          3         

d)         3          1          2          4         

8.Some people argue that computerization will aggravate the unemployment problem.

Find out the antonym for the underlined word.

a)Wipe out      b)consolidate

c)alleviate       d)nourished

9.appropriate option given below:

Alexander’s hope _____ the whole of India was not materialized due to his ill health

a)to conquer                b)of conquer

c)of conquering                      d)conquered

10.Correct word from the options:

We will have to find _____ Sources of energy in the future.

a)alternate                   b)altered

c)alternative               d)adulterated