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Nouns in English
  • 2016-09-27
Nouns in English


A noun is the name of a person, place, thing or quality.
Nouns are divided into five parts:

        1. Proper Nouns 

        2. Common Nouns

        3. Collective nouns

        4. Material Nouns

        5. Abstract Nouns

1. A Proper Noun is the name of a particular person, place, or thing.

eg :  Rosy, Sita ( person ) ;  India Gate,  London ( place ) ; the Hindus, the Christians ( people ); Bible, Gita, Quran (book) etc.

2. A Common Noun is a name that can be given to any person or thing of the same kind.

eg :  chair, orange, door, girl, boy, table, lion, computer etc.

3. A Collective Noun is singular in form though denotes more than one.

eg :group, army, flock, class etc. 

4. A Material Noun is the name of a substance

eg : gold, silver, milk, iron, water, wood etc.

5. An Abstract noun is the name of a quality.

eg : happiness, love, truth, beauty, courage etc.