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Indian History & National Movement
  • 2016-09-27
Indian History & National Movement

1.Who was the first Muslim invader in India?

a)Muhammed Ghori               b)Mohammud Gajni

c)Muhammad-Bin-Quasim    d)Chengiz Khan

2.Artillery was used for the first time in India by

a)Taimur                     b)Ala-ud-din-Khilji

c)Babur                       d)Shershah Suri

3.William Hawkins visited the Mughal court during the reign of

a)Akbar                       b)Jehangir

c)Shahjahan                d)Aurangazeb

4.The foundation of portugese power in india was iaid by

a)Vasco da Gama       b)Bartholomeu Dias

c)Almedia                   d)Alfonso Albunquerque

5.Market regulations were introduced by

a)Sher Shah                b)Muhammad-bin-Tughlaq

c)Ala-ud-din-Khilji    d)Firoz Tughlaq

6.The india planning commission was set up in the year

a)1947             b)1950            

c)1951             d)1955

7.Which one of the following is regional party?

a)C.P.I.                                    b)B.J.P.

c)National Conference           d)National front

8.The jallianwala  Bagh Tragedy took place in the year

a)1919             b)1935

c)1942             d)1945

9.The Surat split in Indian National Congress took place in the year

a)1907             b)1911

c)1915             d)1921

10.Rama Krishna Mission was founded by

a)Paramahamsar         b)Vinoba Bhave

c)Rama Krishna          d)Vivekananda


1-C                  2-C                  3-B                  4-D                  5-C                  6-B                  7-C                     8-A                  9-A                  10-D