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Geography One Words For TNPSC
  • 2016-07-24
Geography One Words For TNPSC

1. The desert that lies on the boundary between India and Pakistan is Thar

2. Nangal is known for Fertilizers

3. The Newzealanders are known as Kiwis

4. Which one of the following ranges forms the water divide between Narmada and Taptirivers? Satpura

5. Earth revolves around the sun in every 365 1/4 days

6. Ankleswar in Gujarat is well known for Oil Refinery

7. The region around South Pole is known as Antarctic

8. Tea is grown much in Assam

9. The tiger sanctuary in Tamil Nadu is located at Kalakad(Tirunelveli)

10. The longest river in the world is Missisipi

11. Which one of the following states is landlocked Assam

12. Security Printing Press is at Nasik

13. Silver is found in Karnataka

14. Jute requires Cold climate

15. The largest ocean in the world is The Pacific Ocean

16. Delhi is on the banks of Yamuna

17. The country with the largest population of Muslims is Indonesia

18. The farthest planet from the Sun is Pluto

19. India is connected with Europe through Suez Canal

20. The highest waterfall of the world is Angel