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Mensuration for SSC
  • 2016-07-24
Mensuration for SSC

1.The area of a rectangle is 180 sq.cm. If the length of a rectangle is 3cm. more than its breadth, what is the breadth of the rectangle?

1)15cm    2)9cm      3)13cm

4)10cm    5) None of these

2. If the perimeter of a square is 48 cm.what is the measure of its side?

1)8cm      2)10cm    3)12cm

4)16cm    5) None of these

3. The area of a circle is 154 square cm.What is its diameter?

1)8cm      2)7cm      3)14cm

4)22cm    5) None of these

4.The breadth of a rectangle is half of its length.Also the length of the rectangle is equal to the radius of a circle of area 154 sq.cm. what is the perimeter of the rectangle?

1)20.5 cm        2)22cm    3)42cm

4)10.5cm         5)None of these

5. The area of a square is three-fifth the area of a rectangle.The length of the rectangle is 25cm and its breadth is 10cm less than its length.What is the perimeter of the square?

1)60cm    2)80cm    3)44cm

4)cannot be determined

5) None of these

6.The length of a rectangle is 16cm.,which is 2cm. more than the diameter of a circle.What is the area of the circle?

1)112sq. cm.   2)176sq.cm

3)161sq.cm     4)132sq.cm

5)None of these

7.The length of a rectangle is 20cm more than its breadth. The perimeter of the rectangle is 76cm.What is the length of the rectangle?

1)40cms  2)36cms  3)18cms

4)Data inadequate

5)None of these

8.The area of a rectangular field is 2100 square meters. If the field is 60 meters long. What is its perimeter?

1)180 meter    2)200 meter

3)240 meter

4)Cannot be determined

5) None of these

9. The circumference of a circle is equal to the perimeter of a rectangle. The length and the breadth of the rectangle are 45cm and 43cm. respectively. What is half the radius of the circle?

1)56cm    2)14cm    3)28cm

4)7cm      5)None of these

10.What is the area of the circle whose circumference is 264cm?

1)5544sq.cm   2)5454sq.cm

3)5540sq.cm   4)5548sq.cm

5)None of these



1-5           2-3           3-3           4-5 5-1            6-5           7-5           8-5 9-2            10-1