Daily Updates

  • 2016-07-19

Profit & loss

1.A Shopkeeper marks the price of an item at Rs.700.What will be the selling price, if he allows two successive discount of 20% each?

1)Rs.420   2)Rs.448   3)Rs.460

4)Rs.480   5)Rs.None of these


2.If the selling price of an article is

Its cost price, the profit in the transaction is

1)16   %      2)20 %            3)25 %

4)33 %      5)None of these

3.A trader marked the selling price of an article at 10% above th e cost price.At the time of selling, he allows a certain discount and suffers a loss of 1%. He allowed a discount of

1)9%         2)10%       3)10.5%

4) 11%      5)None of these

4.An item is sold for Rs.1610 at a profit of 15%. What would have been the gain or loss percent had it been sold for Rs.1554?

1)10%       2)11%       3)12%

4)13%       5)14%

5.A and B started a business by investing Rs.15000 and Rs.24000 respectively. If A’s Share in the profit earned by them is Rs.5500, then what is the total profit earned?

1)Rs.8800           2)Rs.13200

3)Rs.14300         4)Rs.16500

5)None of these

6.The difference between a 40% discount on Rs.1000 and successive discounts of 30% and 5% on the same amount is

1)Rs.31      2)Rs.32      3)Rs.30

4)Rs.40      5)Rs.35

7.A man sold two watches each for Rs.990.If he gained 10% on one watch and incurred a loss of 10% on the other, what is the loss or gain percentage in the whole transaction?

1)1% profit        2)2%loss

3)2%profit         4)1 %loss


8.After successive discount of 20%,10%      and 5% a certain good is sold for Rs.6840.Find the actual price of the good.

1)Rs.6000           2)Rs.9000

3)Rs.10800         4)Rs.10000


9.A sum of money amounts to Rs.1150 after 3 years and Rs.1250 after 5 years at the same rate of simple interest. What is the rate of interest per annum?

1)8%         2)5%         3)10%

4)15%       5)20%

10.Vipul sold an item for Rs.7600 and incurred a loss of 20%.At what price should he sell it to earn a profit of 20%?

1)Rs.10400         2)Rs.11400

3)Rs.12400         4)Rs.14400

5)None of these



1-2   2-4   3-2   4-2   5-2  

6-5   7-5   8-4   9-2   10-2