Daily Updates

  • 2016-07-13

Directions (Q. No: 1 – 5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it

A, B, C,D, E, F, G, H and I are sitting around a circle facing at the center. D is third to the left of H who is second to left of B, A is the 4th to the left of E who is second to right of D, C is 3rd to the right of H. I is not an immediate neighbor of D. G is not an immediate neighbor of E.

1.Who is fourth to the left of F?

a.E               b. C              c. A             

d. Data Inadequate   e. None of these

2.Who is second to the right of G?

a. F              b. E              c. C             

d. Data inadequate    e. none of these

3. What is C’s position with respect to E?

      i.              i.5th to the right          ii. 5th to the left

iii. 4th to the right      iv. 4th to the left

a. Only i        b. Only iv       c. both I and ii

d. both i and iv                  e. none of these

4. In which of the following pairs is the first person sitting to the immediate right of the second of person?

a. DF            b. FE            c. GD           

d. AG            e. none of these

5. Who is to the immediate left of E?

a. D              b. F              c. H             

d. Data inadequate    e. none of these