Current Affairs

  • 2016-10-24

1. AT&T Inc recently agreed to acquire which media company?
a) Washington Post
b) DISH Network
c) Viacom
d) Time Warner

2. India in October 2016 re-launched the scientific and technological cooperation with which country?
a) Qatar
b) Sri Lanka
c) Italy
d) Japan

3. Which country recently passed a law banning the sale, import and production of alcohol?
a) Iraq
b) Saudi Arabia
c) Oman
d) Qatar

4. Which bank recently declared Silchar as its 5th zone in North East after Guwahati, Shillong, Dibrugarh and Jorhat?
a) State Bank of India
b) Punjab National Bank
c) Bank of Baroda
d) Bhartiya Mahila Bank

5. Which state launched Kaushalya SETU (Self-Employment and Talent Utilisation) initiative?
a) Rajasthan
b) Maharashtra 
c) Kerala 
d) West Bengal 

6. Two Indian Coast Guard Ships were recently commissioned into Indian Coast Guard. They are christened as
a) ICGS Jija Bai and Atulya
b) ICGS Aryaman and Atulya
c) ICGS Aryaman and Aadesh
d) ICGS Aadesh and Rajhans

7. Who won the 2016 United States Grand Prix?
a) Daniel Ricciardo
b) Lewis Hamilton 
c) Nico Rosberg
d) None of the above

8. India defeated which of the following countries to win the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup?
a) Iran
b) Australia
c) Pakistan
d) Bangladesh

9. What was the theme of the 2016 World Osteoporosis Day?
a) Love Your Bones: Protect Your Future
b) Serve up Bone Strength
c) Real Men Build Their Strength From Within
d) Stop at One: Make your First Break your Last

10. Indian Immunologicals Ltd recently unveiled a vaccine to fight against tapeworms in pigs. What is the name of the vaccine?
d) None of the above


1. (d) Time Warner
2. (c) Italy
3. (a) Iraq
4. (a) State Bank of India
5. (b) Maharashtra

6. (b) ICGS Aryaman and Atulya
7. (b) Lewis Hamilton
8. (a) Iran
9. (a) Love Your Bones: Protect Your Future
10. (b) CYSVAX