Current Affairs

  • 2016-10-10

1.    Name the person of Indian origin who was recently appointed to the UK shadow cabinet.
a)    Ameet Chana
b)    Shami Chakrabarti 
c)    Mancherjee Bhownagree
d)    Diljit Rana

2.    Who has recently dissolved the Delhi Waqf Board for alleged corruption and procedural irregularities in functioning?
a)    Supreme Court
b)    Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal
c)    Delhi High Court
d)    Delhi L-G Najeeb Jung

3.    The United States of America recently lifted economic sanctions on which country?
a)    Cuba
b)    Mexico
c)    Myanmar
d)    Israel

4.    The Indian Air Force Day was recently observed across India. It was first observed in which of the following years?
a)    1932
b)    1931
c)    1945
d)    1961

5.    Sreelatha Menon recently passed away. Who was she?
a)    An actress
b)    A dancer
c)    A politician
d)    A Social Worker

6.    Who is the author of the book titled The Ministry of Utmost Happiness?
a)    Ruskin Bond
b)    Vikram Seth
c)    Jhumpa Lahiri
d)    Arundhati Roy

7.    Juan Manuel Santos was bestowed with the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize. He is the President of which country?
a)    Venezuela
b)    Suriname
c)    Colombia
d)    Aruba

8.    Where was the Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting 2016 held?
a)    Washington DC
b)    New Delhi
c)    Ontario
d)    Wellington

9.    The Election Commission of India collaborated with which social networking site to register young voters? 
a)    Twitter
b)    Snapchat
c)    Instagram
d)    Facebook

10.    Name the committee constituted to assess ground situation at Cauvery basin? 
a)    Srikrishna Committee
b)    GS Jha Committee
c)    Krishnendu Committee
d)    None of the above


1. (b)     2. (d)     3. (c)     4. (a)     5. (a) 
6. (d)     7. (c)     8. (a)     9. (d)     10. (b)