Current Affairs

  • 2016-07-08

1. Who of the following was adjudged as the Man of the Series of the three-match T20I series between India and Zimbabwe?
a)    Lokesh Rahul
b)    YuzvendraChahl
c)    BarinderSran 
d)    KedarJadhav

2.    Name the Olympian and iconic long jumper from India who resigned as President of the Kerala Sports Council. 
a)    Shiny Abraham
b)    Anju Bobby George
c)    Anjali Bhagwat
d)    KM Beenamol

3.    Name the renowned Qawwal from Pakistan who was shot dead in Karachi, Pakistan. 
a)    GhulamFaridSabri
b)    AmjadSabri
c)    Aziz Mian
d)    Maqbool Ahmed Sabri

4.    Who was recently appointed as the India Country Manager and MD of global payments platform PayPal?
a)    AnupamPahuja
b)    NikeshArora
c)    Ken Miyauchi
d)    None of the above

5.    What was the theme of the World Hydrography Day 2016 that was observed on 21 June 2016?
a)    Our seas and waterways - yet to be fully charted and explored
b)    Hydrography - the key to well-managed seas and waterways
c)    Hydrography - much more than just nautical charts
d)    Hydrography - underpinning the Blue Economy

6.    Who was recently appointed the President and Chief Operating Officer of SoftBank Group?
a)    AnupamPahuja
b)    NikeshArora
c)    Ken Miyauchi
d)    None of the above

  As per Mercer’s 2016 Cost of Living Survey, which of the following cities topped the list of most expensive cities?
a)    Hong Kong
b)    Zurich
c)    Johannesburg
d)    Mumbai

 Name the professional footballer who recently was recognized as the leading goal scorer for Argentina.
a)    Sergio Aguero
b)    Carlos Tevez
c)    Gabriel Batistuta
d)    Lionel Messi

Which economic union agreed to set up a new border and coastguard force to curb the influx of migrants?
a)    European Union
b)    APEC
c)    ASEAN
d)    SAARC

10.    Which Indian Company acquired UK-based digital transformation firm The BIO Agency Ltd in June 2016?
a)    Reliance Infocom Ltd
b)    Tech Mahindra Ltd 
c)    Infosys Ltd
d)    Wipro Limited

1. (c) BarinderSran
2. (b) Anju Bobby George
3. (b) AmjadSabri
4. (a) AnupamPahuja
5. (b) Hydrography - the key to well-managed seas and waterways
6. (c) Ken Miyauchi
7. (a) Hong Kong
8. (d) Lionel Messi
9. (a) European Union
10. (b) Tech Mahindra Ltd 


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