Current Affairs

  • 2016-07-27

1.Name the state that has announced 60 lakh rupees cash special incentive for six sportswomen of the state who have qualified for the Rio Olympics. 
a)    Jharkhand 
b)    Odisha
c)    Andhra Pradesh 
d)    Assam

2.Brazilian researchers recently found a species of mosquito that is able to transmit which of the following diseases to humans?
a)    Zika 
b)    Malaria
c)    Dengue
d)    Chikungunya

3.Name the Indian diplomat, famous for heading the Indian delegation at the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, who died recently.
a)    Arundhati Bose
b)    Barakat Ahmad
c)    Arundhati Ghose
d)    Daya Singh Bedi

4.Name the American soprano and playback singer, best known for dubbing the singing voices of the leading actresses in films, who passed away recently.
a)    Melissa Fahn
b)    Dolly Parton
c)    Marni Nixon
d)    None of the above

 5. Which country has recently been declared free from measles by the World Health Organization?

a)    Brazil
b)    Pakistan
c)    Chile

6. Which portal was acquired by Flipkart Ltd on 26 July 2016?
a)    Voonik
b)    Abof
c)    Jabong
d)    AJIO

7.Who was appointed as the Director General of National Museum in July 2016?
a)    Arvind Singhal
b)    Anil Saini
c)    Buddha Rashmi Mani
d)    TR Sahni

8. Which country became the first in the world to contribute US$100000 for the UN Trust Fund in support of victims of sexual exploitation and abuse?
a)    Brazil
b)    India
c)    The United States of America
d)    Japan

9.The Scimago Institutions Rankings recently ranked which Indian government institute as World’s 12th Best Government Institute?
a)    Central Institute of Educational Technology
b)    Central Institute of Fisheries, Nautical and Engineering Training
c)    Central Institute of Fresh Water Aquaculture
d)    Council of Scientific and Industrial Research 

10.Which country has recently launched world's largest amphibious aircraft?
a)    Japan
b)    Russia
c)    Maldives
d)    China


1-B        2-D        3-C        4-C        5-A        6-C        7-C        8-B        9-D        10-D


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