Current Affairs

Current Affairs
  • 2016-07-08
Current Affairs

1.    World Elder Abuse Awareness Day observed globally on 15 June 2016 was adopted by UNGA via a resolution adopted in the year?
a)    2002
b)    2009
c)    2011
d)    2014

2.    A Jupiter-like planet, Kepler-1647b, orbiting a system of two stars was found by the scientists in which constellation?
a)    Telescopium 
b)    Cygnus
c)    Camelopardalis
d)    Orion

3.    Who was recently elected as the President of 71st session of United Nations General Assembly?
a)    MogensLykketoft
b)    Andreas Mavroyiannis
c)    Peter Thomson
d)    None of the above

4.    The United Nations General Assembly recently elected which of the following countries as Chair of UN Sixth Committee, also called Law Committee?
a)    India
b)    Israel
c)    Turkey
d)    Italy

5.    Union Government approved a series of measures for the abatement of pollution and for the conservation and preservation of lakes in which city?
a)    Panji
b)    Bengaluru
c)    Lucknow
d)    Dehradun

6.    According to a new research led by the University of Southampton, identify the kind of fossils that provide evidence of the number of species that can exist on Earth.
a)    Snail-like fossils
b)    Grape-like fossils
c)    Spongy Fossils
d)    Popcorn-like fossils

7.    Name the Florida based bank which will become the first US bank to issue credit card for use in Cuba by Americans.
a)    Stonegate Bank 
b)    Wells Fargo Bank
c)    SunTrust Bank
d)    USAmeri Bank 

8.    What is the title of the report released jointly by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and INTERPOL on environmental crime?
a)    The Environmental Crime Report
b)    The Rise of Environmental Crime
c)    The End of Environmental Crime
d)    The Fall of Environmental Crime

9.    What is the name of the solitary dwarf galaxy – touted to be the most isolated galaxy – that was captured by the Hubble Telescope?

a)    Milkyway
b)    Hot Jupiter
c)    UGC 4879
d)    None of these

   Who became the first Indian Cricketer to score a century  in his debut ODI Match?
a)    KL Rahul
b)    Robin Uthappa
c)    Manish Pandey
d)    MdAzharuddin


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