Staff Selection Commission : Article

  • 2017-01-25



1.What is the average of first 21 multiples of 7 ? 

A.) 49

B.) 77

C.) 66

D.) 57

2.In a class, the average age of 30 boys is 13 years and the average of 20 girls is 12 years. what is the average age of the whole class? 

A.) 12.5 Yrs

B.) 14.2 Yrs

C.) 12.3 Yrs

D.) 12.6 Yrs

3.The average age of a class of 32 students is 16 yrs. if the teacher's age is also included, the average increases by one year. Find the age of the teacher 

A.) 49

B.) 48

C.) 47

D.) 50

4.The average of seven numbers is 18. The average of first three numbers is 14 and the average of last three numbers is 19. What is the middle number? 

A.) 42

B.) 57

C.) 27

D.) None of these

5.Average of five consecutive even numbers is 35. Find the greatest number in these five numbers? 

A.) 31

B.) 33

C.) 39

D.) 36

6.Average of 13 results is 65. If the average of first six results is 61 and average of last six results is 59 Then find the seventh result? 

A.) 115

B.) 135

C.) 125

D.) 105

7.The average weight of a class of 20 boys was calculated to be 58.4 kgs and it was later found that one weight was misread as 56 kg instead of 65 kg. What is the correct weight? 

A.) 67.4kg

B.) 57.75kg

C.) 58.85kg

D.) 49.4kg

8.The average of 5 consecutive numbers is n. if the next two number are also included. The average will? 

A.) Remain the same

B.) Increase by 1

C.) Increase by 2

D.) Decrease by 1

9.The average of marks of a student of 8 exams was 35. How many marks must be get in the next exam so as to increase his average of marks by 5?


A.) 75

B.) 80

C.) 83

D.) 79

10. If the average age of six numbers is 30. If one is excluded. The average become 25. The excluded number is:


A.) 54

B.) 55

C.) 53

D.) 45


1-B    2-D    3-A    4-C    5-C    6-C    7-C    8-B    9-B    10-B